General Notes

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No boxed gifts please.
Your presence is enough of a gift for us. However, if you'd like, you can contribute to our future life fund here: Zola :)

California FAQs

Wedding & Reception- 2 different venues! What kind of travel time should I plan for?

The wedding is at Fortino Winery in Gilroy, CA. From Fremont, plan on at least 45 mins in the morning to get to the venue. 

The reception is at Paradise Ballrooms in Fremont, CA. Once you're back at the hotel and rested, plan on about 10 mins in the evening to get from the hotel to the reception hall. 

We recommend staying somewhere close to the reception hall (see block rates for hotels in Fremont) so that you'll have time to relax and change between the wedding and reception. 

Will I have time between the wedding and the reception?

The wedding ceremonies and lunch will be done by 2 pm, while the reception starts at 6.00 pm, giving everyone a few hours in between. However, please note that the wedding and reception venues are are about 40-50 mins apart. Please make sure you factor that into your plans.

Do I really need to get there by 9 am for the Baraat?

Yes! We need to adhere to the religious time / muhurat so the baraat will start sharp at 9 am.

If it's any solace, Preeti will be waking up at 3 am to start getting ready (Ritwik will be sleeping in till 6 am :P )

What kind of food can I expect?

We'll be serving vegetarian food at the events in California. There will be a mix of Kannada (South Indian) and Punjabi (North Indian) food with a hint of Indian Street Food. We will make sure that the food is not too spicy or oily. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know at

What kind of weather should I expect in June in the Bay Area?

The weather remain in June with temperatures ranging between 55 - 75 °F or 13-24 °C in Fremont, whereas Gilroy will range between 56 - 83 °F or 13 - 28 °C.

Where can I get Indian clothes in the Bay Area?

There are a number of stores where you can find Indian clothes in most major US cities (Yelp has a number of locations).

In the Bay Area, you'll find shops in Berkeley (rows of shops on University Ave.), Fremont & Milpitas (Shehnai, Sonam International, Maya's Fashion), and Sunnyvale & San Jose (Sagar Exclusive, Taal, Meena Bazaar).

You can also check out online stores, such as, Utsavfashion, Palkhi, Kaneesha or even Amazon.

Indian weddings are vibrant and colorful so don't be afraid to liven it up! Feel free to bring your saris, lehengas, sherwanis, dhotis, etc and if you need help with putting anything on, we'll have lots of people that can help you out!

Bay Area Things to Do

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India FAQs

What kind of weather should I expect in December in Delhi?

In December, you can expect Delhi temperature to be between 45 - 75 °F or 7 - 23 °C.

Delhi Things to Do

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